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Why Pre-arrange?

  • Some people have definite preferences concerning funeral services or merchandise and want their families to be informed and involved in the decisions.
  • Some people want to spare their loved ones of having to make all of those decisions at a difficult time.
  • For some, there may not be anyone capable or available to make the final arrangements.
  • Some like the financial benefit that comes from pre-paying funeral expenses.

Do you have to pay for anything?

There is no obligation to pre-pay for funeral expenses and the consultation is at no charge to the family.

  • Many families choose to pre-pay as it can alleviate financial concerns at the time of death, preventing an unnecessary burden at the time of loss because it ensures funds are available when needed.
  • Also, many people pre-finance as the money is protected if an individual applies for Medicaid and it also meets the criteria for SSI eligibility.

What are pre-financing options?

  • There are many payment options available to suit different financial needs
  • Money is placed in a burial insurance plan which helps assure that funds are available at the time of death. Each policy earns interest which is not taxable.

What if plans change?

  • All pre-arrangements can be updated and changed at any time. If all or part of the funeral preparations take place at another funeral home, the plans and pre-financing are transferred to the funeral home who provides the service.

How do you pre-arrange?

  • Services can be planned for you and your family at a convenient time by contacting the funeral home. They will discuss your choices with you and obtain information needed to complete necessary documents. A full explanation of all services and expenses and payment options will be provided.